Monday, August 2, 2010

Forever and a day...

*warning picture overload*

I know I know I haven't posted in forever I have been trying to do more with my family and for me. I am doing things I thought I would never I am loving it. Working and I am just liking it!!! A lot has went on since I last posted...Myles turned two he is almost potty trained {!!!} He also is talking up a storm he can swim with arm floats and so much more!! Now my big girl well what can I say she graduated from preschool is starting Kinder gardening in a day {:O(} She can swim without arm floats she has grown 4 inches since the start of the year she has jumped from a size 10 to a 13 in shoes over the summer and She is more beautiful then ever!!! Here are some pictures to recap the time I have been gone!!!

Now some of the party pictures I just can't get over my little man becoming 2!!! Ok Amanda and I made mostly everything at the party and wow was I tired but I want my kids to know that you don't have to go buy premade things all the time its more fun if you do it yourself!!!

And for some of my favorite photographs...

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amanda persinger said...

You went from starting pre-school to starting kindergaten....the next time you post she'll be in Highshool!! LOL!
Glad your back AND looking foward to seeing more! (wink)